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Los Angeles Murders Linked to Child Support, Family Law Issues

There has been a series of homicides, murders, suicides and other violent related incidents linked to family law matters reported in the media recently. These seem to suggest the need for greater caution, and more responsible decisions in family law matters. Police now say that divorce and overdue child support payments were at the crux of the multiple murders in Los Angeles recently.

In a multiple murder-suicide that shocked the nation, Ben Freeman killed his wife Jeanne, his ex- mother-in-law and the CEO of a company where he once worked before killing himself. He is accused of having killed his wife in the bathroom in her home, after which he proceeded to drive to his in-laws home where he shot his ex-mother-in-law. He then drove to the house of the CEO of a medical company that employed him earlier, and shot the man. At least three other people were injured in the shooting, before Freeman finally turned the gun on himself.

According to court records, in June, Freeman and his ex-wife reached an agreement on overdue child support payments, going back two years. That same month, Jeanne filed a complaint against Freeman, alleging harassment. He pleaded guilty in October to charges of criminal telephone-harassment charges, based on her complaint. He was sentenced to a $250 fine, or 10 days in jail, and was also put on unsupervised probation for a year.

Then in November, he was cited for simple battery domestic violence against his current wife Denise. Just a few days later, he killed his wife, and went on a shooting spree that ended with two other people dead, and three others including his former father-in-law, injured.

Investigations into the murder homicides are still going on, but police at this time have reason to believe that there was clearly a very difficult and complicated divorce/custody case that was involved in this case.