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Census Data Records More Than $ 14 Billion in Unpaid Child Support Payments

Many custodial parents in California, and in fact across the United States, are finding it hard to get those child-support checks in the mail. In fact, unpaid child support in the United States crossed $ 14 billion in 2011.

According to data by the Census Bureau, approximately 3/4th of custodial parents are eligible to receive child-support payments from an ex-spouse or ex-partner. However, just about 43% of parents admitted to receiving the full child-support payment that was due.

The data is from 2011, and finds that in more than 80% of the cases, it is women who are the custodial parents. The data is also very disturbing because it also indicates that many custodial parents are failing to assert their rights to child-support checks. Many parents now don’t bother to go to the courts to assert their rights, and get back the child-support payment that is due to them. That is a very worrisome trend, and seems to indicate that many parents seem to have lost faith in the ability of the system to deliver justice to them.

The data also indicates that non-custodial parents who have an ongoing relationship with their child, met them regularly, and had more interaction with their children are much more likely to keep making those child-support payments. In other words, if you are a custodial parent, it is to the benefit of all concerned if you go by visitation schedules and encourage visits by the other parent to your child.

It must be understood that child-support is a different issue from visitation. In other words, if your child’s other parent stops paying making child-support payments, it may not be enough reason for you to demand that he stops visiting the child.