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Abortion Used against Woman in Child Custody Case

No San Jose family lawyer would deny that very often, child custody disputes can become very nasty, with plenty of dirty linen being aired in public. That is exactly what seems to be happening in a New York-child custody case.

The case involves the divorce of a woman from her husband, Manuel John Meho. The divorce was finalized in 2011. At the time of the divorce, the woman was granted custody of the couple’s two young children. Soon after, Meho was charged with battery of his ex-wife. His ex-wife filed criminal charges against him, which were ultimately dropped. However, Meho proceeded with his child custody lawsuit. He claimed that his ex-wife’s physical injuries, including a fractured finger, a black eye and hematoma were the result of Botox injections.

That lawsuit has since taken a very ugly turn. A subpoena of the woman’s medical records conducted by Meho’s attorneys found that she had undergone an abortion about one year after her separation from Meho. According to her husband’s lawyers, the fact that she, a Catholic, had an abortion proves that she’s an unfit mother, and does not deserve custody of the two children.

According to Meho, he was not aware of the abortion at all, and only became aware of it after the lawyers went through her medical records. The woman’s attorneys insist that the judge’s decision to allow the procedure to be introduced into the case,is scandalous.The judge however clarifies that the abortion was very relevant, because the woman had testified that she had never had any males over at her apartment, and also because the children were in her care at the time.