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Bob Dylan’s Hair Included As Part of Divorce Settlement

In one of the more bizarre divorce settlements that San Jose divorce lawyers have come across, Black Keys singer Dan Auerbach has allegedly lost a lock of legendary singer Bob Dylan’s hair as part of his divorce settlement.

According to entertainment websites, the settlement involved the divorce from his estranged wife Stephanie Gonis. According to court records, the documents clearly indicate that a lock of Bob Dylan’s hair has been handed over to Gonis.

Other parts of the couple’s divorce settlement are fairly mundane. Apart from the lock of hair, the singer has also been asked to hand over more than $5 million as part of the settlement as well as a 2012 Toyota Highlander. He will also give up control over one of his homes to his estranged wife. The court documents also indicate that this was a volatile divorce separation, and that on one particular day, his wife filed for divorce at least twice. On one occasion, she also attempted to burn their family house down. Gonis alleges that the singer was extremely abusive during their marriage.

A divorce settlement is a formal legal document that works as an agreement to outline the terms of the settlement between the two parties. The settlement only comes after both the parties have decided to come to an agreement about how their property, assets, will be divided after the divorce. The settlement will also include other details about the custody of the children, child support payments, visitation arrangements, and other legal issues involved.

While some amount of compromise and give-and-take is natural in any divorce settlement, your divorce settlement must protect your main financial interests as well as your interests in relation to any children involved.