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Many Unhappy Married Couples Too Afraid to Divorce

Staying in an unhealthy marriage could be the single worst thing that you could do for your own emotional health, as well as the well-being of your children. However, new research indicates that many couples in unhappy marriages continue to remain married because they lack the courage to go through a divorce.

The research was conducted by a UK firm, which found that the biggest reason that unhappy couples chose to stay together is the lack of courage to get a divorce. The researchers surveyed more than 2,000 people for the study, and at least one fifth reported that they felt trapped within their marriage, but would never consider a divorce. However, many couples did admit that they would consider a divorce if their financial stability after the divorce was guaranteed.

While the fear of financial instability is probably the number one reason why people are afraid to approach a San Jose divorce lawyer to initiate divorce proceedings, there may be other fears that prevent people from making a clean break with an unhealthy marriage and making a fresh start. For instance, spouses may believe that they’re too old to make a clean break from an unhealthy relationship, and start anew.

In other cases, according to the study, people believed that they would never be able to survive emotionally or financially as a single individual. Financial concerns also made their presence felt in other areas. For instance, some persons put off the idea of divorce because they did not want to divide their assets, or because they did not feel that they would be able to manage their financial expenses alone. Guilt over leaving families and children also played a major role in putting off divorce.