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Dwyane Wade in child custody battle over visitation

Child custody disputes can be amenable, volatile and everywhere in between. Many issues can arise during child custody lawsuits and the issues can relate to very personal and emotional subjects. In addition to personal issues, the issues that arise during a child custody hearing may also implicate criminal culpability. Child custody disputes in California courts can address any issue that relates to determining the best interest of the child.

Professional basketball player, Dwyane Wade is currently involved in a child custody battle with his ex-wife. The former couple has two minor children who are the focus of the child custody dispute. The children are two boys that are 10 and 15 years old. The child custody battle between the ex-couple included a negative incident during this past father’s day. It was alleged that Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife failed to return the couple’s children as required over the past Father’s Day weekend. The allegation is that the children were not returned to Dwyane Wade in a timely manner.

The alleged failure to return the children in a timely manner was addressed in the couple’s child custody dispute in front of a judge. It is noted that the ex-wife is also facing criminal charges for the late return of the children. During the civil court hearing, the issue of the ex-couple’s visitation rights was discussed and the ex-wife invoked her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. The ex-wife invoked her Fifth Amendment right in an effort to not damage her criminal defense.

In the child custody dispute, Dwyane Wade is requesting a suspension of his ex-wife’s visitation rights or in the alternative supervised visitation. While the child custody case is pending, the judge made an interim ruling that restricts the ex-wife’s visitation pending a final ruling by the court.

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