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California woman loses life after restraining order denied

Both men and women can be involved in domestic violence. The term domestic violence applies to many different levels of violence that can create a situation that poses a very real danger for the spouse who is being victimized. When these situations arise in California, the victim can seek a domestic violence restraining order against the other partner.

A restraining order can involve both criminal and civil implications for the party who is the assailant. Once a restraining order has been granted by a judge, the order requires the assailant to avoid contact with the victim. A violation of a restraining order can be penalized with jail time.

Domestic violence restraining orders are essential protections for a victim of abuse, but need to be addressed properly by an experienced attorney to ensure the restraining order is granted by the court. A tragic event happened to a California woman that highlights the importance of obtaining a restraining order.

The woman was in an emergency situation with her estranged husband when she contacted the local police to request a restraining order against her husband. The restraining order request was presented to a judge who denied the request. The judge stated the request was denied because there was no finding of a present danger from the husband.

Following the denial, the woman sought the assistance of her attorney to obtain a new restraining order. As the woman was leaving her attorney’s office, her husband shot her and then shot himself. An experienced attorney can help a victim of domestic violence obtain a restraining order when it is needed and also ensure the restraining order is enforced against the assailant to ensure the victim is protected.

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